Guide: Charity Page


  1. Go HERE
  2. Under the Put Foot Foundation logo -> Click on 'Create Your Fundraising Page'  or HERE
  3. Sign Up as an 'ACTIVIST' (Use your CREW NAME as Activist Name)
  4. Complete the form, choosing ‘2014 Put Foot Rally' as your CAUSE
  5. (Please DO NOT make "Put Foot Foundation Public Donations” your cause)
  6. Now direct all your donors to YOUR page!
  7. DONE!


Sometimes donors and companies prefer to not use 3rd party websites and request to make direct deposits. Here is the Put Foot Foundation banking information: DIRECT DEPOSITS

Direct donations can be made to the Put Foot Foundation bank account:

Name:                 Put Foot Foundation
Account:            62348571656
Branch code:     250655
Acct Type:         Cheque Account
Bank:                  FNB

PLEASE ensure that your donor uses your CREW NAME as the reference.

Your Crew’s total will be added automatically to the total amount raised by the 2014 Put Foot Rally: AFRICA, which can be viewed HERE:



Please understand the difference between SPONSORSHIP & DONATIONS

SPONSORSHIP: An individual/company offers to give you money for your adventure (maybe in return for exposure on your vehicle). Your Crew uses the money to pay for petrol.

DONATIONS: An individual/company gives you money for the charity that you are supporting.

NB: You may not use funds that are intended for charity to cover your travel expenses. This is 'corruption' and not cool, and you will be removed from the rally.