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Have you always wondered what it would feel like following your wanderlust while contributing to a great cause?

The 2020 Edition Put Foot Rally

Introducing a Brand New Put Foot Vehicle Class



Imagine driving a Crappy Car* over 8000km / 5000 miles across 6 Southern African countries in just 18 days with your friends, all while experiencing the magic of the 2020 Put Foot Rally…

*A Crappy Car is an old-school, well-used car with a ton of character. In South Africa, we call these often-classic cars “Golden Skadonks”:

“In South African English, the word “skadonk” is colloquially used to describe an old car that is usable, but nearing the end of its lifespan. It is onomatopoeic with the sound that such a car would make as it goes over a bump, skah-donhk!”

Discover the once-in-a-lifetime journey, traverse untouched Africa and carve your own incredible adventure!

The best Africa has to offer! The best vibe, the best people, the best party, the best travel adventure in the Southern Hemisphere at the very least and by far the best adventure experience of my life… round 2: begin…

Jakes, 2018 Put Foot Veteran

If you like adventures, road trips, seeing beautiful places, meeting amazing people AND doing something for a good cause, join the Put Foot Rally

Sabine, 2018 Put Foot Veteran

Best road trip ever. Amazing countries, scenery and vibe. You don’t need a big car or lots of gear or a big budget. I miss it every day…

Tarryn, 2017 and 2018 Put Foot Veteran

Did the rally this year with a few good friends, and what an epic trip it was. From the adventures, scenery, drives to the wildest parties… and meeting the greatest people. This is a must do for anyone that has ever thought about Africa. I would do it all over again and again and again.

Martin, 2016 and 2018 Put Foot Veteran

We Need Your Help For A Good Cause…

Everyday in Southern Africa, thousands of school children walk to and from school without any foot protection. You might take the pair of shoes on your feet for granted, yet many African children have never had the fortune of owning a single pair of shoes, often walking 10’s of kilometres a day over harsh terrain totally barefoot.

The Put Foot Foundation exists to solve this problem.

Our goal is simple; give African school kids their first pair of shoes, and we plan to do that with your help, and in return you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime…

So you’re interested in participating? Great!
Here’s who we’re looking for…

  1. You’re an avid traveler who embodies a true (and we really mean true) spirit of adventure.
  2. You’re excited about embarking on an epic journey in a Crappy Car across Southern Africa. Don’t worry, We’ll find you a Crappy Car to fit your budget. We’ll service it and make sure it’s ready for a massive roadtrip, plus you’ll qualify for free vehicle entry into the 2020 Put Foot Rally.
  3. After the Put Foot Rally, you’re prepared to donate the car to Put Foot Foundation, who will then turn it into $ for school hundreds of pairs of school shoes!

Are you prepared to commit to the challenge?


We’ll find you a Crappy Car to fit your budget. We’ll service it and make sure it’s ready for a massive road trip across Africa.


Sign up using the form below!

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  1. We send you 10 vehicles to choose from ranging from R30,000 to R45,000 (~$2,000 to $3,000), pick your favourite and we’ll secure the vehicle.
  2. You send the funds as a donation to the Put Foot Foundation, we’ll register the vehicle and do all the legwork (servicing, roadworthy, etc).
  3. You’ll get exclusive use of your chosen vehicle when attending 2020’s Put Foot Rally, and it will be donated to the Put Foot Foundation after you’ve crossed the finish line.
  4. You will receive all sorts of limited-edition memorabilia and you and your team’s name will go down in our Hall of Fame for all eternity.


Crappy Car Class / aka “The Golden Skadonks” FAQ

What is Crappy Car Class (CCC)?2019-11-15T14:05:17+02:00

This is a fun charity fundraising campaign for the Put Foot Foundation, to raise funds for more school shoes for underprivileged children across Southern Africa. In South Africa we call them the “Golden Skadonks!” – vehicles with character

How does it work?2019-11-15T14:07:18+02:00

Only adventurers with a healthy appetite for adventure should apply! We find you a crappy car – you pay for it, use it on the Put Foot Rally and then donate the vehicle to Put Foot Foundation afterwards. Easy!   Limited to 10 Vehicles!

What’s the process?2019-11-15T14:07:47+02:00
    1. You tell us your dream Crappy Car!
    2. We send you 10 vehicles to choose from ranging from R30,000 – R45,000 which is about $2000 to $3000. 
    3. You pick a favourite and we secure the vehicle. 
    4. You send the funds as a donation to the Put Foot Foundation. 
    5. Put Foot Foundation will register the vehicle.
    6. You use the vehicle on the Put Foot Rally
    7. After the Put Foot Rally you donate the chariot to Put Foot Foundation.
What if I want to make modifications to give my chariot some spice and soul!2019-11-15T14:08:05+02:00

We’ll work with you to make it happen! Want a roofrack? No problem! Want some spotlights? No problem. Want to paint the car pink? No problem!  Want to install some under-car LED lighting…. Okay wait! Let’s talk about boundaries 😉

What if I breakdown?2019-11-15T14:08:26+02:00

It will happen – and it’s part of the adventure! There will be a designated area at each Checkpoint where our mechanics will provide morale support and repairs. Our team will also help you along the road where necessary. 

What about camping equipment?2019-11-15T14:08:46+02:00

You can either bring your own, or we will be happy to loan you equipment for a small fee (far cheaper than buying).

How do I know the car will be roadworthy?2019-11-15T14:09:09+02:00

We will only recommend vehicles that have been thoroughly checked, are roadworthy, and capable of a long distance adventure like the Put Foot Rally.

What about servicing the vehicle?2019-11-15T14:09:42+02:00

We will service the vehicle for you at no cost prior to the Put Foot Rally. We will inform you of any required / recommended maintenance – eg a tyre that needs replacing – and have work done at your instruction.

Is this a rental agreement?2019-11-15T14:10:08+02:00

No – there is no backup / replacement vehicle and definitely no guarantee that you will make it over the Finish Line of the Put Foot Rally.  The vehicle you are provided with – will be strictly of your choice, and on the understanding that it is provided AS IS. Obviously – our team will do their absolute best to assist you if there are any issues, as will any Put Footer!

I have a Crappy Car – can I donate it to the Put Foot Foundation?2019-11-15T14:10:27+02:00

Awesome – let’s turn your wagon into school shoes!  Get in touch: Shoes On Feet @ Put Foot Foundation . org  (no spaces)

What tickets do I need to enter the Put Foot Rally2019-11-15T14:10:48+02:00

You will need a Participant Ticket for each person in your vehicle, however Crappy Car Class is free.  Only vehicles secured through this Campaign do not require a vehicle ticket.


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