The difference between Put Foot Classic and XL Rally events!

Put Foot Rally Classic
Put Foot Rally XL

2019 will be the 9th year of the Put Foot Rally and it will be our largest production yet!

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In fact, when we opened registrations last June, we were almost sold out in less than a week.

Fast forward to December 2018, with over 150 Crews registered… a critical juncture was fast approaching. We wanted to avoid becoming so big that the rally loses its spirit, vibe and uniqueness. So we decided to limit the number of registrations, while also finding a way to continue growing and welcoming more folks to Africa! Thus, the Put Foot Rally XL was created and we’d like to explain exactly what it is.

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We also realized that, for the last 9 years, our traditional rally dates of June / July were not ideal for the majority of European, US and Canadians, due to their school holidays, and traditional vacation, only falling over the July / August. So a plan was hatched!


The Put Foot Rally XL was born! We created an opportunity for our Northern Hemisphere friends to get away and experience the Put Foot Rally during their traditional annual summer holidays.

And that’s it... the date of the rally is literally the only difference between the classic Put Foot Rally and Put Foot Rally XL.


Rally Across 6 African Countries!

Both rally events will last 19 days and will cover the exact same six incredible African countries, in the same order. Visit South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique!

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6 Iconic African Checkpoints!

The route will be exactly the same as we gather every three to four days for Official Checkpoints at six iconic locations!

The Rally will kick off with an incredible view of the world-famous Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Crews will meet up again near one of the greatest animals kingdoms on Earth, at Etosha National Park. Then, it’s is a dash across the wild to stop for an amazing sunset on the vast Salt Pans of Botswana. Next, is a short drive, and an opportunity to cross and witness the mighty Zambezi River with the checkpoint just a short distance from the amazing Victoria Falls! The journey continues north, in Malawi, and onto the sandy beaches of Lake Malawi, the sixth largest freshwater lake in the world! The final stretch allows rally drivers the opportunity to take in the tropical wild coast and warm waves of the Indian Ocean in the final sprint to our finish line in Mozambique.

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6 Put Foot Rally Parties!

If you have heard about the Put Foot Rally, you have definitely heard about our legendary parties! There is nowhere on Earth where you can park your car and ‘first-world-problems’, then cut loose and just be yourself in the company of hundreds of like-minded adventurers. There are six MEGA AWESOME parties. For many, these parties are the best part of the entire Put Foot Rally experience!

Get creative, and prepare for each Checkpoint Party Theme… it’s going to be mad fun!

Charity projects in Africa


Responsible tourism is important to us here at Put Foot Rally. Many of Africa’s incredible nations have given us so much over the years, and we think it’s important to give back. We also noticed that the people on our rallies wanted to help out too! So, each Put Footer plays a vital role in the charity projects delivered on each rally.

Together, we will all visit schools in Livingstone, Zambia during the rally to deliver thousands of pairs of shoes to young, underprivileged children.


Our goal for 2019 is to raise R500,000 so that, together, all Put Footers can deliver over 10,000 pairs of shoes to underprivileged children in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME – Put Footers, Donors, Friends, and Family are all invited to attend our Shoe Drops! Join the vibe! SHOES = SMILES!

The 2019 PUT FOOT RALLY Route

Each Crew is 100% responsible for planning their route. Which means that you decide what roads to go down, where to stop for food, and where you will make camp for the night (or which hotel – for the glampers among you).

Below, we have put together a rough guide to help everyone make sure they’re heading in the right general direction each day. To be safe, on days 1-4, head north; on days 5-8, point the bonnet east; on days 9-15, go north-east (which is 45 degrees left-of the sunrise); and on days 16-19, you should just head directly south.


*If, for any reason they start speaking Portuguese in the first week, you have either launched right past Namibia and ended up in Angola, or… you are sharing a camp with a legendary Portuguese rally crew (possibly from Angola) :)

The Put Foot Rally XL Route

In July, we kick off the first XL Put Foot Rally with a brand new group of Put Footers… It’s entirely likely that there will be at least one crew who completed the Classic Rally and is unable to reacclimatize to normal civilization again… Expect them to still be in fancy dress from the finish line!



Your options on both rally events are exactly the same… Check these out and choose a vehicle you’d like to rally across Africa in!



The biggest stress for our international crews is often finding a vehicle that is ready to rock on the Put Foot Rally. Nobody wants the expense of flights, visas, and shipping required to transfer a vehicle only to realise that it arrives late or has been damaged in transit… No one wants to risk not participating or not finishing because of an old, untested set of wheels.

We’ve got you covered. The Put Foot Safari Campers are a stress-free option. They are fully equipped, brand-new vehicles, completely ready to go! All the equipment is ready, including rooftop tents, kitchen, dining, and recovery equipment.

We still have one or two available, so get in touch!

If you have any questions or need more information, please check out these links:

OR get in touch via the chat (below right) or on the email.

See you at the start line!