The Company

Imagine a company that actually challenges you to get off your ass, to stop the dreaming, all the big-talk & actually get out and do something fun for a change! To look up from your cellphone and to appreciate the world around you!

The Put Foot Rally will set you free onto the paths unknown, without fear, to destinations sort-of-known, all in the spirit of trying something new, something never done before, and with the full intention of having one hell of experience!

The Founder

The company was founded in 2010 by an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Conservationist, Veteran (British Army), really unfit, full-of-rubbish, and proudly (South) African, white Xhosa boy: Daryn Hillhouse

“Mountainshak” comes from his last name:
“Hill” = “Mountain”
  | “house” = “shak”  (it’s a long story involving a broken toe, a hockey stick and lots of beer).

The company hosts some of the world’s most highly sought after, out-of-the-ordinary, family-friendly adventures, with a vision of providing people with a life changing experience, and the opportunity to change someone else’s life in the process.

We are driven by “The Spirit of Ubuntu”, an African philosophy that Nelson Mandela stood for his entire life. To promote racial equality, equal opportunity for all, and to strive for a society where all people are free and care for one another.


"I am who I am because of who we all are"

-African Proverb