• A folding chair – for seating at Checkpoint Meals

  • A plate, bowl and eating utensils – for Checkpoint Meals

  • A refillable / re-usable water bottle

  • A coffee mug

  • A beer mug

  • Potjie Pot for the Put Foot Potjie Competition (we suggest a No3)

  • Mosquito repellant

  • A solid sense of humour


  • No plastic cutlery, straws, paper-plates or styrofoam products allowed on the rally.

  • We are an eco-friendly event, please assist us by only using biodegradable products only.

  • Only carry water in 10L bottles or above (it is law in Botswana) – and refill your reusable.

Important Documents

  • Passport: >6 months to expiry and >6 free pages

  • Visas if: and where necessary

  • Drivers License – An international license is not required, but always helps

TOP TIP:  Make certified copies of all documents
TOP TIP: If pulled over by an official hand them a certified copy, NEVER hand them your driver’s licence

Medication / Vaccinations

  • Your Medical Insurance – You will need to provide proof of medical cover at Registration Day

    • Travel insurance normally included medical

    • Ensure you have the Emergency Telephone numbers for each country!

  • Yellow Fever: No longer compulsory, but bring the yellow booklet if you have it

  • Malaria Meds: Highly recommended, but consult your Doctor.

TOP TIP: Please seek professional medical advice on what medication / vaccinations are recommended.
TOP TIP: Make copies of all documents.


  • Original / certified copy of your vehicle’s registrations papers.
  • A copy of the owner’s I.D.
  • Letter of authority from owner of vehicle
    • (if you are driving a borrowed vehicle, or if you’re still paying the bank on your vehicle).
  • Affidavit from Police (stating the vehicle is yours/own loan and will be returning to South Africa)
  • Copy of Insurance Documents

TOP TIP: The SAPS Form 263 (“Interpol Vehicle Clearance Letter”) is not required, but can make life easier at Border Crossings.
*Highly recommended if you plan to travel into Zimbabwe via Kariba
TOP TIP: Make copies of all documents.

T.I.A = more documents & copies you have, with fancy stamps etc… the less hassle comes your way!

Extras for your vehicle

  • Emergency triangles (like in the pic below)
  • Carrying jerry cans? = Compulsory to have a fire extinguisher.
  • Red and white T-signs required if towing a trailer:
  • White T on front right-hand, red T on rear right-hand side of trailer.
  • White reflective tape is required on the front bumper.
  • Red reflective tape on the back of the vehicle.
  • Reflective jacket is mandatory.
  • Yellow & Blue triangle sticker
    (small on right of vehicle’s front bumper, big on back left & on back of trailer if towing)

PLEASE NOTE: It is up to you to research the specific requirements for each country