You will take part in directhands-on charity work during the rally and see exactly where where all the charity donations are put to work in making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Special stuff!

Our Official Rally Charity is a little South African based charity: “The Put Foot Foundation

Why Shoes?  Because gifting shoes is part of the rally vibe and each Put Footer will personally place new shoes onto the feet of underprivileged children during the rally.  Put Footers are also free to raise additional funds for Put Foot Foundation or a charity of their choice.

Crew Fundraising

Each Put Footer is required to raise a minimum of $50 for the Put Foot Foundation, for Shoe Drops during the rally.
Crews are encouraged to raise additional funds for charities of their choice, Put Foot Foundation or other.
Crews should set up a GivenGain Fundraising Page
Download the guide
Only funds raised for Put Foot Foundation should be directed to their Crew Fundraising Page. Funds for other charities should be donated directly.



Our 2024 Goal is to raise R2 Million for the Put Foot Foundation!


Mission Statement

Gifting young under-privileged children “Hope, Pride and Dignity”
through a pair of brand new, South African-made, quality, school shoes!

What we do

Important Information

The Put Foot Foundation is an independent charity, administered separately from the Put Foot Rally.

The Put Foot Foundation also accepts direct donations:

Account Name: Put Foot Foundation
Account Number: 62348571656 (Cheque)
Branch Code: 250655
First National Bank

The Put Foot Foundation is a registered:

Section 30 Company Trust in South Africa: IT1386/2012

Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO): 930039701

Not for Profit Organisation (NPO): 128-919

Section 18 Tax Certificates:

The Put Foot Foundation is a South African registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in terms of both section 30 and 18A of the Income Tax Act. A PBO which is recognised under section 18A is entitled to issue receipts to South African donors under section 18A(2). With a Section 18A receipt, the donors can treat their donations to the PBO as tax-deductible expenses (thereby effectively only paying sixty (60) percent of the face value of the donation).

South Africa based donors and supporters who have donated over R1000 (One Thousand Rand) can Request a Section 18A Receipt