All the official and unofficial Put Foot Rally chaos in HD glory... and the reason you need this on your bucket-list! Enjoy!


And now for the unofficial videos... created by our legendary Crews! STANDBY!

Put Foot Rally Photo AlbumS

Recce Album.jpg

The 2010 Recce

where it all started

2013 Album.jpg

2013 Put Foot Rally

Route change... hello Botswana!

2016 Album.jpg

2016 Put Foot Rally

The year Photographer Dave had a mare ;)


2011 Put Foot Rally

The inuagural chaos...

2014 Album.jpg

2014 Put Foot Rally

The we started in Stellenbosch

2017 Album.jpg

2017 Put Foot Rally

The year things exploded to 155 Crews!

2012 Album.jpg

2012 Put Foot Rally

Growing from 30 to 62 Crews + ZImbabwe

2015 Album.jpg

2015 Put Foot Rally

Andrew King's Year as Rally Director

2018 Album.jpg

2018 Put Foot Rally

Starts 16 June 20108!