T.I.A. –This is Africa!

We’ve tried to provide you with the answers to all the typical, frequently asked questions to assist in your planning. If we have forgotten anything, be sure to contact us and we’ll be sure to hit you with some radical truth bombs!

The Put Foot Rally is a self-drive road trip adventure that proves travel is easy, safe, affordable, and most of all… FUN! We bring together like minded adventurers from across the world who love to explore, to visit places they never knew existed, while giving back and doing good… and having the time of their lives from start to finish!

Our post-Covid plan is: 2021 we are hosting two events to celebrate our 10 Years!
Rally 1: 13 – 29 June 2021
Rally 2: 26 July – 10 August 2021*
*Optional extra leg to Zanzibar finishing 15 August.

“Put Foot” is a a fun, African colloquial term used to tell someone to drive faster or to get moving. We also use it to describe the process of providing young kiddies with brand new shoes.

Put Foot Rally: 6 – 21 July 2024 with Registration Day on Saturday 6 July 2024. (16 Days)

Total distance ranges between 5000km -6000km each year, give or take 500km depending on the route you choose.

Absolutely! We now have a solid option for solo / couple travellers in our Fun Bus OR if you prefer to try join an existing Crew, why not pop to our Facebook page and get chatting.

Accommodation is not included. We keep that your responsibility. Some people like to camp / tent, while others prefer 5 star hotels. Each to their own.

The Fun Bus is basically for those who dont want the hassle of organising equipment and vehicles, and prefer to travel in a group… with folks they may not have met before. This is an AWESOME option if you want the best of the rally, without the stress of planning everything.

You wish! If we could predict that we’d opened up a fortune telling shop in Vegas predicting black or red! Only you know what decisions you’re going to make, what preparations you’re going to commit to, if any and what roads you are going to choose… so many variables, so little time! Good luck though!

Top Tip: Download the “Roadtrippers” app. Then start planning your route. You’ll find the most adventure and fun on the roads less travelled… not to mention amazing off-beat attractions, the best plaves to eat and awesome places to sleep over. The Put Foot Rally is all about supporting the local economy, local businesses and entrepreneurs. Go for it!.

Car Insurance – Yes, and specifically 3rd party insurance that is mandatory in Zambia. Hired vehicles it normally is included in the rental, but 3rd party you still need to purchase at the border post. Travel / Medical Insurance – You definitely require travel or medical insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. It is critical that you obtain the telephone numbers to dial in each country should you have an emergency. Other perks of Travel insurance also include missed/late booking / cancellations on flights etc.

South Africa and Namibia will be a tad cold… but once you get North of the Tropic of Capricorn it is basically Summer again! The amazing thing is Malawi and Mozambique you’ll be sun tanning and swimming… so expect anything and everything.

Anyone that is planning on doing some driving must have a full driving license, and have the necessary insurances etc. No exceptions.

All crew members have to be over 18 years of age on 1 June each year of the rally. The only exception to the rule is a family bringing their kids on the trip. Permission must be obtained from HQ.

Click on the big orange “Sign up” button on the top of the page and you will be taken to the registration page where all the latest entry options and fees are presented.

The entry fee is payable upon sign up. Click on the Sign Up button and follow the process.

The Fun Bus has 2 options – full payment upon sign up, and the new payment plan which allows you to make a deposit and a final payment later.

Yes. Please do not sign up if you do no have a vehicle or Crew Members confirmed.

Important! Here is the deal – you can offer sponsors to paint your vehicle in their colours, plaster their logo on your vehicle and even have them on your crew website, should you choose to make one. The Crew Entry Agreement which you will sign during the registrations process will explain the specific restrictions regarding the official rally sponsor space on vehicles. Crews must not sell space on the front doors (driver and passenger), and not in a 32 x 32 inch area in centre of your vehicle bonnet. You can’t offer sponsors exclusive coverage on your vehicle (as explained above there are spaces reserved for the rally) and you can’t promise coverage in a tv program unless the program and the sponsor is cleared with the Put Foot HQ first. You also need to run it past us if your sponsor wants to use your participation in the put foot rally as part of a marketing campaign or product test, to make sure there are no big conflicts and that we keep everyone happy.

Personal videos – no problem. Even better let us know about them and we’ll put them on our website. Commercial – documentary, tv programs etc: not cool, unless you speak to us first and we give the green light. TV and Media Rights for the Put Foot Rally are controlled by Put Foot Rally HQ. Why? Because we need the bucks to make the rally more awesome and lighter on the pocket for you.

Of course it’s not safe!! You will be driving through some very remote places, where very few people will have any idea what’s around the next bend, with no support system whatsoever. To top it off, there will be wild roaming animals and predators below, above and around you, watching and waiting for a ‘weak one’. It is a risky and dangerous event to take part in.  It is a vehicle based event, so naturally car accidents are the greatest risk. So please, stick to the rules of the road, never take risks or you could be very seriously injured. You need to understand that while the website is written in rich Southern African humour, the risks are real and there is fair amount of danger and taking part massively increases your chances of dying compared with chilling out at home. Please consider taking part carefully and read the website thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the fact that there is absolutely no back-up or support provided. You need to be sure you’ve got what it takes to make it all the way around. After all, if you want safety cars, or indeed medical and mechanical experts around every corner to safeguard you from anything going wrong, then there are plenty of Safari Tours out there to give you a taste of Africa.

Well, there’s certainly plenty out there in Africa, with Malaria one of the really bad ones. But take heed, we are not doctors or experts, so go and find someone who is and who can tell you what to look out for. Make sure your do your research.

Again this is dependent on the route your Crew chooses. There should not be any problem finding fuel stations on the way around, but the quality and price and availability will vary from place to place. All the more reason for you to carry at least two jerry cans, ensuring that you’ll have enough juice to get to a reliable source of fuel. We recommend filling up just before crossing into Zambia, where fuel is quite pricey… Malawi is also very expensive. Many African adventurers go the extra mile and fit a second fuel tank, but that’s not necessary if your vehicle is economical. For the V8s… maybe 4 tanks!

This is going to require a lot of research. First you need to decide on a route and then find out what is available along the way. Don’t be surprised to find that in some places there is no medical coverage at all. Also if you do need medical care, the quality and accessibility of services will not be the same as what one may expect to find in South Africa or the rest of the world. This is probably the main reason why you should have good and all encompassing travel insurance, and, obviously, carry a well-stocked First Aid kit with you at all times. Check with your health/travel insurance if you are covered. Make sure you have your policy number and the international emergency number. You may have all the insurance cover in the world, but if you don’t know who to call…


If you have exhausted all options. stalked previous participants, googled your questions, and taken the ring to Mordor…. AND STILL you cannot find the answer…  please  send us your questions and our team will do their best to find the answer for you.

WARNING – if we google and find the answer, you owe us a crate of beer.