Put Foot Rally Fundraising Policy

4.12 Crew Members and/or their representatives shall expressly undertake to raise a minimum of $50.00 each for the Corporation’s chosen official charity “The Put Foot Foundation”. Any amount raised thereafter may be donated to a charity of the participant’s choice. Crew Members failing to raise the minimum amount of $50.00 for the Corporation’s chosen charity by 31 March 2024 may be disqualified from the Event.


  1. 11.1 The Put Foot Rally is not a charity event. While no part of the Entry Fee goes towards charity, as part of our objective to “Support Charity”, the Corporation may choose a charity to support each year and shall encourage participants to raise funds to assist charitable organization(s) in accordance with the fundraising requirements set out in clause 4.12 above.11.2 The Crew or its representatives participate in any form of fundraising in aid of, or in association with their participation in the Event for the purpose of raising funds towards a particular charity, the Crew or its representatives must be completely transparent in the process and disclose fully the amount or percentage of the money raised that they intend to donate towards charity. A minimum of 70% of funds raised must be donated to charity, unless otherwise stipulated by the donor in writing. Funds expressly raised for charity as a result of the Event must be paid to the nominated charity and must not be paid into a personal account.

    11.3 The Corporation does not intend to govern any or all of the relationships between the Crew or their representatives, and any possible donors, however the Corporation reserves the right to request a detailed account of money raised and the purpose for which it was raised. The Corporation is in no way responsible for any misrepresentations made during or before the commencement of the Event by any member of any Crew or such Crew’s representatives as to the purpose for which any particular amount of money was raised.