• 1x limited entry on the Put Foot Rally!

  • Participant Goodie Bag – Official Rally Clothing, Info Pack and other goodies! *changes each year

  • Vehicle Rally Pack – Official vehicle stickers, Crew numbers and other goodies!

  • 16 days of absolute insane fun and adventure across Southern Africa

  • 4-5 Official Checkpoints, including Registration Day

  • 4-5 locally flavoured only-in-Africa, mind-blowing dinners

  • 4-5 epic parties held across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and possibly an additional country.

  • Directions for the rumoured Un-Official Checkpoints

  • The Recce team, including a recce of the entire route.

  • The Staff and Admin Teams, including a year of preparations, blood, sweat and tears!

  • A lifetime membership to the Put Foot Rally Family where you will meet fascinating people from around the world, whom you will spend 19 glorious days together having the time of your life, forging life-long memories and friendships!

  • Charity preparations: Shoe Drops, including all the costs associated with transport of hundreds of pairs of shoes to the various countries where shoe drops will be conducted.


  • Travel costs to the Start Line

  • Cost of your vehicle and fuel, equipment, insurance etc

  • Border Crossing / National Park Fees

  • Medical (there is none) or Vaccinations (i.e Yellow Fever, Malaria)

  • Breakdown / Backup (there is none).

  • Daily sustenance

  • Camping Fees at Checkpoints

  • Additional activities: i.e White River Rafting in Zambia


  • 16 days of travelling Southern Africa, with hundreds of like-minded adventurers from across the world, journeying, partying and experience everything together, and having the time of your life!

  • Realising you can travel Africa using any car, and discovering that Africa is fun, safe and affordable

  • Doing tons and tons of good, placing brand new shoes on the feet of hundreds of little feet and seeing young lives changed through your actions!

  • …. And all the other things money cannot buy: the opportunity to see some of the greatest world heritage sites, the most incredible and scenic natural wonders: deserts, forests, canyons, mountains, rivers, lakes, dams, oceans, Africa’s vast animal kingdom, the continents beautiful, diverse people, their cultures and their way of life.

  • Realising this is not an event… but an experience that is best described by the phrase coined by Put Footers in 2011: “The road goes on forever… and the party never ends…”